Bronwyn Hyland

Hi. I'm Bronwyn Hyland, and I'm the Program Manager for Small Modular Reactor and Advanced Reactor Technologies at Canadian Nuclear Labs.

What am I currently working on? I'm working on our small modular reactor technologies program. Our goal of that is to demonstrate the commercial viability of a small modular reactor within the next 10 years. That will include hosting a new demonstration nuclear reactor at a CNL site.

What do I think is the most important scientific challenge facing the world today? It's easily climate change.

What's the biggest single outcome or impact from the work you're doing? Bringing clean nuclear technologies to developing nations would have the biggest impact to quality of life for people all around the world.

The biggest highlight of my career? For me that was finishing my PhD, which I did about a year ago, while having a full-time job and having twin boys.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most? That is split between the people I work with and the science that we do here at the labs.

What did you want to be as a child? I wanted to be a veterinarian, large animal vet, horses mainly.

Interviewer: So how did you wanting to be vet turn into this? What happened along the way?

Response: I hated OAC biology, though I also hated OAC physics, so I don't know how that works out.


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