Marilyne Stuart

My name is Marilyne, I am working at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories where I have been doing some research for almost 19 years.

I've been asked to answer a number of questions. I'll start with the first one which is “What got me interested in science?” I have always had a desire to learn. As I was going through my schooling, my teachers told me that I should pursue a career in science.

What am I currently working on? I am currently trying to understand how plants and animals respond to different things like radiation, chemicals or environmental changes. Part of my work is also to look at biomarkers, and try to find new ways to evaluate health. A biomarker is, basically, a test or a measurable change that can give us information about health.

What I enjoy the most about my job? Working with students is one thing that I enjoy very much. Being surrounded by interesting and knowledgeable people. Being part of multi-disciplinary teams. Being able to discuss research at national and international forums. To be honest, the thing that I prefer is to be able to go home at night and know that I have learned something new.

What would I say to a woman starting a career in research? I would say follow your heart and instincts. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and if you fail, just think about it for a bit, assess, and try again. I would also say try to look at the bright side, exercise everyday, and because science is really interesting and there is always something new to learn, it’s really easy for science to take up all the space in your life, but remember to keep a little space for yourself.


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