Larkin Mosscrop Kee

Hi! I'm Larkin Mosscrop Kee and I'm a project manager at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. Here, I get to work with the research and development scientists and bring in new work and new business and see just what we can do. I'm going to answer some questions for you.

What is the biggest highlight of your career? One of the coolest things I've been working on is actually the conversion of trains to hydrogen fuel cells. This is incredible, because you don't have overhead electrification and you can use hydrogen as a way to store energy and then create fuel for the trains.

What will be have in year 2050 that we don't have today? I hope we have all hydrogen vehicles and small modular reactors. I hope we have no hydrocarbon fuel, no fuel like that and batteries can go the way of the dinosaur.

What do you think is the most important scientific challenge facing the world today? I'm an environmental biologist by trade. I have my masters from Queens and throughout my training I looked at acidification. I looked at climate change. I looked at how small lakes are impacted by our human environment, but what's happened is that our society is starting to not believe in science. So, I think that the greatest challenge that we're facing is not only the climate change, which is of course something that we are contributing to and that we really need to find a solution to. But the fact that people don't believe in science. Science is the answer.


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